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Friday Five: Freaque, the Shackletons, and more new Minnesota music videos

Freaque performs "Bag Lady" with Jeremy Ylvisaker at Pony Rug

Freaque – “Bag Lady”

If you, like me, had never listened to Freaque before hitting play on this video, settle in. Gabriel Rodreick dedicates this Pony Rug performance to “people with no homes” before leading us through a image-heavy, well-sung tale. Guitarist Jeremy Ylvisaker provides eerie, pedal-shook accompaniment.

Freaque is currently recording his first project, and we can expect “Bag Lady” to drop as a single this summer.

The Shackletons – “Happy Boring Life” (Premiere)

Fresh off South by Southwest, the Shackletons wish for a “Happy Boring Life.” Highlights include a great guitar solo and a jump cut from jigsaw puzzles and building blocks to drums and a bass.

Double Grave – “Deadend”

When anyone asks me what Minneapolis is like, from here on out, I’ll pull up this video. Double Grave members Jeremy Warden and Bree Meyer show off their senses of balance, while Seth Tracy drums in the bed of a pick-up. Jack Buckholz directs this video, and the music is from Double Grave’s 2018 EP Empty Hands.

TELENOVELA – “Chest Pains”

Northfield’s TELENOVELA (George Zuccolotto) has released his first single, “Chest Pains,” and directed a lyric video to accompany it. The music may be laid-back, but circumstances look dire as Zuccolotto strums a guitar surrounded by fuses.

Fragile Canyons – “Powerless”

Fragile Canyons hit the road, climbing over hill and dale to make this video for “Powerless,” from last year’s EP Slow Dancing Beyond Silverdome.