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The List is here for Record Store Day 2019: Exclusive releases from Prince, Bob Dylan, Jenny Lewis and more

Prince, seen here attending a Versace show in 2007, released a special cassette for attendees of a 1995 Versace event. A recreation of that release will be one of the exclusive releases available on Record Store Day 2019. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

The Record Store Day countdown to April 13 has begun, and the list of artists releasing exclusives for this special day has been revealed. Prince, Bob Dylan, Jenny Lewis, Courtney Barnett, and John Lennon are just a few names on the list.

Maybe the coolest offering is a recreation of Prince’s 1995 The VERSACE Experience: PRELUDE 2 GOLD. The cassette was originally gifted to attendees of the designer’s collection at Fashion Week in Paris during the summer of that year, and it remains one of Prince’s rarest releases. The cassette includes remixed versions of hits “Pussy Control,” “Gold,” and “Eye Hate U” in addition to commercially unreleased songs by the New Power Generation and Madhouse, Prince’s jazz-fusion project.

Much like last year’s Record Store Day, Prince is not the only Minnesota artist to be featured. You will find the exact duplicate of Bob Dylan’s original New York test pressing of his album Blood on the Tracks available commercially for the first time. The release capitalizes on the interest in that album sparked by the recent release of More Blood, More Tracks.

On a more current note, participating record stores will be selling Jenny Lewis’s fourth solo album On the Line in the form of a special blue LP. Courtney Barnett is releasing her new single “Everybody Here Hates You” and last year’s “Small Talk” on a 12″ vinyl. Not only will you hear her musical talent with the purchase of the vinyl, but you’ll also be able to see her illustration work, as the cover art was drawn by Barnett herself.

Three releases from David Bowie will be available on Record Store Day, the most unique of which is a colored 7″ with two songs from his 1978 film Just a Gigolo: Bowie’s “Revolutionary Song,” and the title track sung by Marlene Dietrich. A 2015 remastered version of Bowie’s Pin Ups album will also be available, and the LP version of The World of David Bowie is featured as an “RSD First” release.

The raw studio mixes of John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band in Lennon’s second solo album Imagine will be appearing for the first time on vinyl for this year’s Record Store Day. The limited-edition heavyweight 180-gram black vinyl will offer the tracks without effects and present the songs in their raw, live state.

Other artists on the Record Day exclusive release list include U2, Weezer, Flaming Lips, Mumford & Sons, and the Rolling Stones. You can visit the Record Store Day website for a complete list of the 2019 releases and participating stores.

On April 13, keep an eye out for The Current’s Jill Riley and Brian Oake, who will be checking out local record stores in the Twin Cities.