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Trevor Engelbrektson of Southside Desire dies, with U.K. band Her’s, in Arizona highway crash

Trevor Engelbrektson (far right) with Southside Desire. (courtesy the artists)

On Thursday, the Minnesota music community reeled from the news that a beloved Twin Cities musician and sound professional died in a tragic highway crash in Arizona. Trevor Engelbrektson, who played bass in Southside Desire and ran sound at numerous Twin Cities venues, was traveling with the Liverpool-based duo Her’s as their tour manager.

Around 1 a.m. on Wednesday, band members Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading were in a vehicle with Engelbrektson driving on Highway 10 en route to a scheduled show in California when they were struck by a lone driver in a wrong-way crash. All four people involved lost their lives.

The band’s label, Heist or Hit, shared the sad news on Facebook. It was quickly reported by news sources including Brooklyn Vegan and the BBC, both noting the band’s rapidly growing success. That included winning U.S. fans at SXSW and on tour this year.

Locally, the news devastated musicians and fans who knew Engelbrektson as an artist, as a friend, and as a skilled technician. Southside Desire, who describe themselves as femme-fronted homegrown soul, are led by singer Marvel Devitt, Engelbrektson’s wife.

Engelbrektson’s Facebook timeline has filled with photos, memories, and sad farewells. “Travel well, brother,” wrote singer-songwriter Martin Devaney, adding a heart. Chris Perricelli (Little Man) also shared his thoughts — as did First Avenue, which frequently employed Engelbrektson at its multiple local venues.

A “party for the best dude on Earth” has been scheduled for this coming Tuesday, April 2 at Mortimer’s. According to the event description:

A beautiful man who loved his wife, his kids, and did more for Minneapolis music than anybody could ever dream of was taken from us far too soon.

The bands playing will be incredible. This night will be legendary. And the money goes to helping his wife raise their kids.

$10 minimum, anybody who gives more is a goddamn hero.

We’ll always love you Trevor. You were one of a kind who will never be forgotten.

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