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Friday Five: Dua Saleh, St. Paul Peterson, and more new Minnesota music videos

Dua Saleh in "Warm Pants"

Good morning from a cold living room in St. Paul, Minn. Like most Minnesotans, I’m disappointed by this week’s return to February — but I’m getting through it with layers and support croissants. In this week’s lead music video, Dua Saleh isn’t so lucky.

Dua Saleh – “Warm Pants”

In this video, scene darling Dua Saleh craves warmth. But they never find it, wandering through winter and around a sundial.

St. Paul Peterson – “You Got 2 Love (Live at Jam in the Van)”

St. Paul Peterson (of Prince association) gets funky in Los Angeles before heading to Minnesota this month for Celebration. Once he gets home, he’ll speak on panels at Paisley Park and perform with Eric Leeds at Icehouse on April 26.

Lazerbeak – “Valley Low”

According to his interview on The Local Show, Doomtree’s Lazerbeak has been putting off exercise for “quite a few years now.” But in “Valley Low,” he steps on the treadmill…where he encounters quite a sight.

Devata Daun – “If You Wanna Be With Me”

Devata Daun is missing Minneapolis from the Pacific Northwest. Before she moved, the darkwave queen and Pytch Records co-founder performed choreography to “If You Wanna Be With Me” with EHN JEY and Desare Cox.

David Huckfelt – “False True Lover Blues”

After spending years in Minneapolis with his band The Pines, David Huckfelt headed to remote national park Isle Royale to write Stranger Angels. In this video, we pan over watercolor paintings by artist Susan Solomon, each one based off a photo from Isle Royale. Huckfelt performs at the Cedar Cultural Center on April 19.