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Friday Five: Frankie Lee, EHN JEY, and more new Minnesota music videos

Frankie Lee in "Downtown Lights"

Frankie Lee – “Downtown Lights” (Premiere)

After wandering the Middle West and beyond, American Dreamer Frankie Lee goes home in his latest album. Stillwater is his birthplace; the site of his high school; and the former home of actress Jessica Lange, to whom Lee dedicated this song. He says, “When she moved away, she said it was because they killed the town with condos and tourist shops. Which I agree with. This song is about a dream I had walking down Main Street with her.”

Lee helps viewers perceive an earlier Stillwater, Minn. in this video, using 8mm footage from the John Runk Collection at the Washington County Historical Society. Stillwater is out via River Valley Records (US) and Loose Music (UK/EU) on May 24.

EHN JEY – “U Don’t Love Me (feat. The Nunnery)”

Pop artist Nick Jordan returns under the name EHN JEY, a nod to his first and middle initials. What hasn’t changed is his commitment to dance, performing beautiful choreography in what looks like one long take.

Erik Koskinen – “Big Plane”

Frankie Lee compatriot Erik Koskinen has an upcoming new album of his own: Burning The Deal, out June 28 via Real Phonic Records/Tone Tree Music.

Lizea Harper – “Alter”

Lizea Harper stars in bathtub-focal revenge thriller “Alter,” a new single. Video by Matt Wales Media.

ttrystt – “norealfriends”

ttrystt returns to Friday Five with “norealfriends,” a song about loneliness. The video features him wandering the Landmark Center in St. Paul and the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.