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The Revolution are back on First Avenue’s wall of stars

The Revolution's new star on First Avenue's wall. (Simone Cazares/MPR)

The Revolution now have a star of their own at First Avenue, unveiled on April 28 during Celebration 2019.

Although “Prince and the Revolution” was one of First Avenue’s original stars, the star changed to just “Prince” when the building was repainted in 2010. Since Prince’s death, the Revolution have worked hard to continue his legacy by talking about their remarkable ’80s run and keeping the music alive for generations to come.

The star was previously held by Rage Against the Machine, who’ve now been moved up and over to make room for the Revolution next to their iconic bandleader’s gold star. On Sunday, The Revolution — Brownmark, Wendy Melvoin, Lisa Coleman, Bobby Z, and Dr. Fink — and their fans gathered around First Avenue for the unveiling of their new star. Watch a video of the band’s reaction below.

Simone Cazares is a student at St. Catherine University. Originally from Miami, Fla., she survives Minnesota’s cruel winters by immersing herself in the Twin Cities music scene.

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