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Friday Five: Lady Midnight, Adam Meckler Orchestra, and more new Minnesota music videos

Lady Midnight stands in the light in "Ode To A Burning Building"

Friday Five is a little later than expected today, due to a project I jumped on this morning with fellow blogger Jay Gabler. He interviewed Stephen King, Amy Tan, and a half-dozen other members of Rock Bottom Remainders, the author-comprised cover band who sold out their show tonight at First Avenue. We’ll get you that interview via The Current’s Music News podcast late next week…but until then, enjoy five new music videos from Minnesota’s own.

Lady Midnight – “Ode To A Burning Building”

Lady Midnight continues to roll out singles from her debut solo album Death Before Mourning, which she’ll drop on May 17. From what I’ve seen and heard, this will be the most polished work from her yet, thanks in part to engineering by Medium Zach and production by MMYYKK, Psymun, and more. The Turf Club will hold a release show on August 9.

Adam Meckler Orchestra – “Our Death Under Your Pillow”

The Adam Meckler Orchestra returns to Friday Five, featuring guest rapper Toki Wright. Cameron Kinghorn provides vocals on this Magnificent Madness track.

Katy Vernon – “Somebody’s Daughter’s Daughter”

Happy early Mother’s Day to Katy Vernon, mother of two and daughter of a daughter. She found old family photos from her maternal line and included them in this video. Vernon will perform her new record Suit of Hearts at the Aster Cafe on May 18.

Matt Wilson & His Orchestra – “Decent Guy”

The Wilsons strike again. Matt Wilson, brother of Dan, and His Orchestra (not to be confused with Adam Meckler’s) has a catchy song in “Decent Guy.” It’s from the new batch of songs he recorded featuring bango/arpeggiated harp. His whole group will perform two shows at the Dakota on May 24.

iLLism – “Post N Chill”

Envy and Fancy meet again in iLLism‘s “Post N Chill,” a love song from their second album iLLuminate.