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Friday Five: Velvet Negroni, Jillian Rae, and more new Minnesota music videos

Velvet Negroni in "Confetti"

Velvet Negroni – “Confetti”

You’d think someone who’d just announced a new album would feel pretty amped, but Velvet Negroni looks unfazed in this hibachi-centered video. Welcome to the nighttime, cold-as-ice, gorgeous vibes of NEON BROWN, out August 30 via 4AD.

Jillian Rae – “Medication”

Jillian Rae released “Medication” as a single almost a year ago, but as she prepares to release her album I Can’t Be The One You Want Me To Be, she lets us in on a music video that she says makes her laugh. Those who think of her as “just a violinist” will be shocked when they see her singing pop and dancing with former presidents. She’ll release the new album at the Cedar Cultural Center on May 31.

Finesse – “Break the Steel”

If you like ’80s single “One Night In Bangkok,” this is the video for you. Patrick Donohoe of Finesse dances and lip-synchs to “Break The Steel,” joined by a fleet of ice skaters. They’ll next perform at the Turf Club on June 6.

Perry Project – “That’s What Scares You”

Pop-rock band the Perry Project share a mean video off Regardless of Everything, Are You Okay?, which they’ll release on June 1 at the Bryant-Lake Bowl in Minneapolis.

Andy Cook – “Red Lights”

Andy Cook and Mariah Crabb made a “home video” out of tour footage shot in New York in 2018. To see more of Cook on the road, head to the Root Note in La Crosse, Wis. tonight, for his show with Savannah Smith. The duo will also play on May 31 at Salon in Eau Claire, but Cook will be back in town to play Minneapolis’s Silverwood Park on July 24.