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Friday Five: Red Lake Nation Students, Lena Elizabeth, and more new Minnesota music videos

Red Lake Middle School students in "Stand Proud"

Red Lake Nation Students – “Stand Proud”

Seventh-graders at Minnesota’s Red Lake Middle School promote truth, respect, and courage in “Stand Proud.” The Anishinaabe students yell “skoden,” a Native slang term derived from the phrase, “Let’s go, then.”

Lena Elizabeth – “Nobody Wants You”

Femmes deal with unwanted attention at the 331 Club in Lena Elizabeth‘s “Nobody Wants You.” “It is a song about cat calling, sexual harassment, and everyday micro-aggressions,” she writes, “that woman/femme-identifying folks deal with on a daily basis. The chorus of the song portrays the anger behind being made to feel uncomfortable, unsafe, and violated. The verses talk about my own personal experiences in these situations.”

Brent Penny – “Choose The Right”

“Glory to God if she loves who we are/ If not, she is canceled,” Brent Penny sings through vocal processors in “Choose The Right.” He performs with gravitas and a dash of camp.

Kyle Skye – “Sensation” (NSFW)

Okay, so you might not want to watch this one over breakfast like I did — or maybe that’s exactly what you want — but either way, take a few minutes to experience Gully Boys drummer Nadirah McGill’s starring turn in singer-songwriter Kyle Skye‘s “Sensation.” Gully vocalist Kathy Callahan directs.

Lucid VanGuard – “Sound Of Nature”

Lucid VanGuard, a Kremblems collective project, return to Friday Five with the colorful “Sounds Of Nature,” directed by Keegan Burckhard.