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Prince’s Caribbean escape just sold, and you may soon be able to rent it

Photos via Premiere Estates

If $11 million was a little much for your budget but you’re still hoping to vacation like a Minneapolis music legend, good news: Prince’s Caribbean estate has sold to a buyer who says he plans to rent it out when he’s not using it, and yes, he’s keeping the purple driveway.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Tom Barnes, a businessman from North Carolina who’s also a longtime Prince fan, paid $10.8 million for the estate, which Prince bought several years before his 2016 death and Prince-ified in high style. The late star’s estate has been trying to sell the property for the past few years, hoping to make as much as $15 million but finally settling for just a bit more than Prince paid originally.

Prince’s other properties included a swank Toronto house and numerous parcels in the Twin Cities. Barnes’s decision to keep the purple driveway is in line with a Minnesota couple’s decision to keep the iconic symbol gate guarding the Chanhassen property where Prince lived — and recorded music including the recently-released Piano & a Microphone 1983 tape — in the early ’80s.

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  • Marlon

    “The Caribbean” isn’t very specific. Where is it?

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