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Top ten new 2019 Minnesota State Fair foods that sound like band names

Bada Bing Sandwich. (Photos courtesy Minnesota State Fair)

By the presumed popular demand of the 1,242 people who read my 2018 guide, it’s back and fresh for 2k19! For actual information about these dishes, click on their names. For more new Minnesota State Fair foods, see MPR News.

Bada Bing Sandwich

Two guys. One sings Sinatra, the other does Dino. Pianos? Dueling, baby!

Boozy Berries & ‘Barb Trifle

You’d think it would be “‘Barb Trifle and the Boozy Berries,” but the modest ‘Barb doesn’t want to upstage her bandmates. In fact, she sings from offstage.

Cuban Fusion Fajita

Have you ever heard “Bitches Brew” with a rhumba beat? Get ready to swing your hips, freestyle.

Deep-Fried Dilly Dog

Doo bop shawadda wadda, yippity boop de boop, green naugahyde! Imagine if Les Claypool went to Rydell High, and you’ll get an idea of the mind-blowing bass face you’ll make for this good-time throwback jam band.

Duck Drummies

Move over, Baby Shark, and make way for this kids’ band that leads a pint-size conga line straight down Dan Patch Avenue, taking your little ducklings safely from the Kidway to the nesting island in the middle of the River Raft Ride.

Feta Bites

All your favorite ’90s indie rock hits…but in Greek.

The Hot Hen

Shake your tailfeathers with this quartet that remembers when country used to mean hillbilly and everything tasted like chicken, even the music.

Joey Mary

Settle in for an intimate 35 minutes with this acoustic singer-songwriter best-known for the viral video of when he got rejected from American Idol.

Lavender Lemonade

Here comes the sun, and the son! Lavender’s eldest leads the ukulele orchestra that accompany her covers of songs by greats like George Harrison, John Denver, and Cat Stevens.

Wingwalker Donut Flight

Major Tom to ground beef control! This band of star children bring their ’70s glam rock to the Food Building, and how they get out of their vinyl pants afterward is something you don’t need to know.