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Friday Five: Lady Midnight, DENNY, and more new Minnesota music videos

Lady Midnight in "Bloodsong"

Lady Midnight – “Bloodsong”

Lady Midnight, clear-eyed and regal, communes with the cosmos in “Bloodsong.” Teddy Grimes and MacKenzie Owens directed this gorgeous Death Before Mourning video, and MMYYKK produced the track. Lady Midnight will appear at her record release show at the Turf Club on August 9.

DENNY – “Insurgents By The Poolside”

DENNY headed out to Chaska, Minn. to film “Insurgents By The Poolside,” a weird indie pop single featuring magnificent glissandos from frontperson Alexander Rollins.

booboo – “Idwk”

booboo will join Lady Midnight at the Turf on Aug. 9! She’s a producer and vocalist who consistently makes the darkest, most beautiful trap-influenced beats in town. Her EP I Don’t Want To Wait comes out the same day as the show at the Turf.

Tape Tension – “With Our Eyes Closed”

Summer in Minnesota is such a good time to film music videos. All Jack Ross, aka Tape Tension, has to do in “With Our Eyes Closed” is stand in the woods and lie down on the grass, and the video still looks great. He recorded and mixed the song at his home studio, with a little help from producer Andy Thompson and mastering engineer Huntley Miller.

Kazyak – “Smoke Jumper”

The hour is almost nigh for the release of Kazyak‘s album Odyssey, out Aug. 16. They’ll perform at Icehouse on Aug. 23.