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Friday Five: Velvet Negroni, Ness Nite, and more new Minnesota music videos

Velvet Negroni roves the desert in the video for his latest single "KURT KOBAIN."

Velvet Negroni — “KURT KOBAIN”

Is he on the run? Is he chasing down demons? Whatever the case, the latest release from Velvet Negroni is giving off some serious Area 51 vibes… and are those Prince-esque vocal inflections in the background? “KURT KOBAIN” joins “CONFETTI” and “WINE GREEN” as another single released in anticipation of Velvet’s debut album NEON BROWN, out August 30.

Ness Nite — “GUCCIPRADA”

Designer handbags sprout from a fuzzy pink field in rapper-producer-singer Ness Nite‘s ode to love and money. Watch this mesmerizing video animated by Supa Flowa, and you’ll be humming the hook for hours.

Kazyak — “Contravertical”

Hazy and psychedelic, this track from indie-rock group Kazyak features a voiceover lifted from Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth and a video that interweaves saturated footage of the Patagonian wilderness. Kazyak will perform at an album release show on August 23 at Icehouse.

Anna Stine — “Lights On”

Anna Stine performed an unreleased track for the folks at Pony Rug this week. In the song, flowers wilt, a lover goes west, and Stine shines as a teller of intimate and aching stories.

Bon Iver — Autumn Documentary

All right, this one isn’t a music video, but it is undoubtedly a “video” about “music,” namely Bon Iver’s recent release i, i, and the subsequent preparations for his upcoming arena tour. Filmed in a room that would make Yayoi Kusama proud, the 11-minute doc features commentary from Justin Vernon and Bon Iver production affiliates. It orbits around one central question: How can Bon Iver play to thousands of people without losing the magic and emotion of a smaller performance? I guess we’ll find out when he swings through the Xcel on October 3.