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Friday Five: Humbird, New Dawn Theatre Company, and more new Minnesota music videos

Humbird - "Wolf Alice"

Humbird – “Wolf Alice” (Premiere)

I was today years old when I learned that Wolf Alice is not just a band, but also a fairytale. The Angela Carter story is about a “feral” girl whom nuns attempt to civilize; Humbird, aka Siri Undlin, borrowed inspiration from Carter for this song. She writes, “[Wolf Alice’s] freedom is inherently tied to a connection with landscape and nature. With this in mind, [videographer] Kendall Rock and I put our heads together to try to create a loose narrative that would showcase a community of ‘Wolf Alices’ exercising their own agency and power through community and eco-activism.” In the video, a group of women assemble seed balls and throw them around empty lots, intending for native plants to spring up where the seeds land. There’s even a recipe at the end of the video if you’d like to make your own.

AlmanacCrowns preview (feat. Jevetta Steele, Thomasina Petrus, and Aimee Bryant)

“I sing because I’m happy/ I sing because I’m free,” Jevetta Steele (The Steeles) belts from underneath a turned-edge hat. That hat is important here; it’s one of the many Crowns in Regina Taylor’s musical, which New Dawn Theatre Company has staged at the Summit Center for Arts & Innovation this fall. The song — “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” — is also important. It represents a revue of traditional hymns, given top-of-the-line treatment by several of Minnesota’s greatest voices. Crowns is the story of a young woman who learns tradition from her family, but when I saw it last week, I was more transfixed by the music than the plot. And there’s plenty of music. Cast members Steele, Thomasina Petrus, and Aimee Bryant perform “His Eye” on TPT’s Almanac (hosted by Jearlyn Steele; music starts at 3:03). Crowns runs through Oct. 6 (tickets here).

Good Night Gold Dust – “Second Moon”

It Could Have Been YouGood Night Gold Dust remind us in “Second Moon” and the title of their new EP. The phrase could concern an accident or tragedy — and it might be a good reminder not to blame the victim of said tragedy, according to vocalist Laura Schultz, aka Kielo. The effect is typical of Good Night Gold Dust, who have long balanced lyrics about death and other serious topics with resonant washes of sound. True Facade Pictures filmed this video, and guitarist Colin Scharf took on the edit. The band will perform at the NaKato in Mankato, Minn. on Oct. 18.

The Get Together – “Alone”

Here are four things I know about emerging band The Get Together:

• They’re from St. Paul, Minn.
• They have a great plant collection, or at least access to one.
• They won’t rush a tempo (major points!).
• They’re opening for the Soo Line Lions at Eastside St. Paul hangout Caydence Records on Nov. 15.

Ian Valor & The Vendettas – “Howling The Night Away”

When your song’s title contains the word “howling,” your music video must feature a wolf, right? Ian Valor & the Vendettas can confirm. “Howling The Night Away” is from their debut album, All Right All Riot, which comes out Oct. 18; they’ll perform at the 331 Club on Oct. 19. In the video, Valor himself rides around town in a werewolf mask, trailed by videographer Darin Kamnetz. Darin, were you at least carrying mountain ash?