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Friday Five: The Jorgensens, Courtney Yasmineh, and more new Minnesota music videos

Brianna Jorgensen of the Jorgensens in "Voo Doo"

I’m headed to the DMV today — time to get a new license. How many times do you think I could watch each of these videos before my number is called?

The Jorgensens – “Voo Doo”

Brianna and Kurt are the eponymous Jorgensens, accessing New Orleans mythology and motifs in “Voo Doo” from The Lexington Stretch. I can imagine that with a solid band like this, the live show is unstoppable. This Sunday (Sept. 22), they’ll be at Pappy’s in Stillwater, and on Nov. 2, they’ll open for the Little River Band at the Medina Entertainment Center.

Courtney Yasmineh – “I Don’t Want To Talk About It” (Danny Whitten)

On tour in the Southwest U.S. recently, Courtney Yasmineh and her daughter Nina spent their free time playing music and making videos. “I Don’t Want To Talk About It” was written by Danny Whitten but made famous by Rod Stewart; in Yasmineh’s cover, it’s a tender tune graced by a husky voice.

Sans Caballo – “Tape 1”

Sans Caballo share grainy footage alongside “Tape 1” from their 2017 EP Always Greener. It’s hard to infer a story from the presumable home video, but the coursing instrumental song is a good reason to stick around.

Warren Thomas Fenzi – “Hypocrite”

Warren Thomas Fenzi and Alex Munro experiment with a GoPro Fusion on the banks of the Mississippi. The camera movement makes Fenzi look like a Sim at times, but the fall colors are easy on the eyes. The best part is the mingling sounds of electric guitar and water on the shore.

Gabe Barnett & them Rounders – “Robbinsdale”

Nothing like a northwest suburb to draw adoration in song! Gabe Barnett & them Rounders pay homage to Robbinsdale, Minn., home of Pig Ate My Pizza and my dad’s adolescent years. They’ll play the Cedar Cultural Center for their album release show on Nov. 7.

Bonus Lizzo – “Truth Hurts”

Lizzo’s firmly based in Los Angeles at this point, but many Friday Five readers will be interested to learn of the ex-Minnesotan’s new “Truth Hurts” video. Animator Lawrence Becker handmade each felt piece in this magnificent saga. I’m disappointed that the video runs the old “celebrity for president” trick — give me competence over fame in 2020 — but otherwise, this video is just incredible.