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Friday Five: Dua Saleh, Poliça, and more new Minnesota music videos

Dua Saleh in "Sugar Mama"

Dua Saleh – “Sugar Mama”

Performing “Sugar Mama” from their 2019 EP NūrDua Saleh sings, gazes, and spits into a spinning camera. Of the video, Saleh tells Pigeons & Planes, “The contrastingly bright and dark imagery […] is a nod to the sentiment of the song. It’s playful enough to not take itself too seriously, but still reflects my ideals of resistance.” Braden Lee directed “Sugar Mama” and filmed it with Saleh in Berlin.

Poliça – “Driving”

Following their lead singer’s ice dam accident and lengthy recuperation, Poliça return with “Driving” from their upcoming album When We Stay Alive (out Jan. 31). “Driving” is more bassy than I’ve ever heard Poliça, glitched and wary as usual. The video stopped me in my tracks. Isaac Gale directs, with production design by vocalist Channy Leaneagh and Poliça drummer Drew Christopherson.

Yam Haus – “Simplicity”

Yam Haus‘s new video is just what I needed today. The guys take a day trip to the beach, in search of “a little simplicity.” Wholesome content (sandwiches! Toothy grins! Dancing!) ensues, filmed by Tobey Krafft. Hit play, settle back, and let this easy song swoop you off your obstacle course of a work week.

Dessa and the Minnesota Orchestra – “Velodrome (Live)”

A velodrome is a circular cycle-racing track — or in Dessa‘s world, a metaphor for a cyclical relationship. This video (directed by Mercies May) features other endless loops: a bracelet, a lovely piece of sand art. “Velodrome (Live)” is a collaboration between Dessa and the Minnesota Orchestra, off their upcoming live album Sound The Bells (out Nov. 8).

Betazoid – “Scam Likely”

You know it’s a good day when your props list calls for dozens of popsicles. The release of Betazoid‘s “Scam Likely” comes not a day too soon; the music video spills over with summer and swirling vocals, only slightly tamed by the fact that today is the coldest day of fall so far. Minnesotans, stay strong until next popsicle season. And give thanks to AP Looze, who shot and edited this video, and the band for a sweet shot of sun.