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Friday Five: Yummm, Dave Mehling, and KRIS LINDAHL GET OUT OF HERE

Off-Brand Comedy - "Do The Kris Lindahl"

Off-Brand Comedy – “Do The Kris Lindahl”

If you’re not from the Twin Cities, you may not get the hype surrounding our local celebrity realtor. If you are from the Twin Cities, this man’s face has likely entered your eyeballs every day for months. Kris Lindahl’s ubiquity is the subject of this hilarious music video by Off-Brand Comedy, written and performed by Tyler Perry. (Eff Remax.)

Yummm – “Gentlehuman”

Minneapolis’s Yummm shares a mellow, chivalrous single with harmonies by Jennie Lawless and dance by Laura Osterhaus Rosenstone and Noelle Awadallah. Sam Parker directs the video. You can see Yummm open for From Indian Lakes on Nov. 11 at the 7th St Entry.

Dave Mehling – “Big Time Sadness”

Dave Mehling (the Fontanelles) sings about “Big Time Sadness” in this music video, a sneak peek of his album Beach Boy. Pratik Singh’s tabla fills out the warm, elegant composition. By the way, if you recognize Mehling’s name — you may know him as the director of Gaelynn Lea’s recent video, “The Long Way Around.”

American Cream Band – “Releasing Spiders”

Why are Saint Paul’s American Cream Band releasing spiders? Find out in this spooky video, produced by Anna Johnson and Joseph Carl Berns. More to come from Nathan Nelson and Co when Dark Hemisphere drops later this year.

Rashad502 – “EYES”

Rashad502 has “EYES.” The rapper teamed up with Matt Wales Media on this energetic, two-minute-long music video.