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Listen: Prince’s sweet acoustic demo of ‘I Feel For You,’ fresh from the Vault

Happy Friday! While we were all distracted by the upcoming deluxe reissue of 1999, the Prince estate has graced us with a super sweet acoustic demo of “I Feel For You,” fresh from the Vault. The single is out now digitally and on purple vinyl, released to commemorate tomorrow’s 40th anniversary of Prince’s self-titled sophomore album.

The B-side of the vinyl is the studio recording, a standout from Prince and an enduring classic that was most famously covered by Chaka Khan for a Top 5 hit featuring rapping by Melle Mel and harmonica from Stevie Wonder — helping to make Prince’s songs inescapable on pop radio in 1984, arguably the single greatest year in pop history. Nine years later, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake performed the song as a duet on The Mickey Mouse Club. Truly, timeless.

As the press release announcing the release notes, “The special, stripped-down demo recording captures a 20-year-old Prince in a raw, intimate moment, and begins with the sound of the artist pressing the record button on a cassette tape recorder and picking up an acoustic guitar. The recording was created in the winter of 1978-1979, around the time Prince was preparing to make his solo debut at the Capri Theater in North Minneapolis, and it was recently rediscovered on one of the countless cassette tapes stored in his legendary vault.”

Appropriately, the historic Capri has just broken ground on a $12.5 million expansion and renovation. It was only fitting that we chose the Capri as the venue to officially launch Purple Current in 2017.