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Friday Five: Typsy Panthre, Shredders, and more new Minnesota music videos

Typsy Panthre - "Bluebird Blues"

Today is Nov. 1, but I hope you don’t mind some residual Halloween spirit via today’s batch of videos! These five selections, all from Minnesota artists, feature costumes and/or dark vibes.

Typsy Panthre – “Bluebird Blues”

“The future looks profoundly overcast,” Allison LaBonne sings in “Bluebird Blues.” She and John Crozier, the other half of Typsy Panthre, bound through a 90-second song from their second album, Hell, which is out Nov. 11.

Shredders – “Ayeyayaya”

Shredders, rap artisans of Minneapolis, squad up with cartoon terrors in “Ayeyayaya,” directed by Isaac Gale and Joe Midthun. My favorite part: producer Paper Tiger yukking it up as a doomed VIP. The crew plays the Metro in Eau Claire, Wis. tonight and can be seen in St. Paul on Dec. 31 at the Turf Club.

Bora York – “Something Fine”

Joy can be contagious, as actor Caleb Brose proves in Bora York‘s “Something Fine.” This video takes Chris and Rebekah Bartels’ newest single and adds a sweet, slightly awkward tale of one man psyching himself up to spread the power of positive thinking. More to come via their album Emotion Vertigo, which drops on Nov. 8 via Anthem Falls Music.

Jillian Rae – “Buried Alive”

There’s a lot going on in Jillian Rae‘s “Buried Alive.” If you can handle quick pacing, strenuous fiddling, and devil-horned band members, hit play on this cut from I Can’t Be the One You Want Me to Be.

Mostly Trees – “22nd and 2”

Mostly Trees — Jon Po on bass/vocals, Joel Korte on lead guitar, Dan Crowe on rhythm guitar, and John Nelson on drums — headed down to Pachyderm Studio last winter and recorded their debut album with engineer Nick Tveitbakk. Since then, they’ve worked with Bruce Templeton and the late Ed Ackerson to fine-tune their work, and they’re almost ready to pull back the curtain. On Nov. 21, they’ll play an album release show at the Hook and Ladder in Minneapolis.