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Watch Har Mar Superstar, Ashley DuBose, Gully Boys, deM atlaS, Last Import, and dozens more Minnesota artists cameo in new Bo Weber video

Bo Weber, a Minnesota musician who’s also the founder of MusicInMinnesota.com, just wants to “Pump This Town.” Or, more precisely, these Twin Towns. So do dozens more artists, who all cameo in a new video for his song by that title.

Weber took half a year to film the video, which functions as both a Twin Cities travelogue and a pop quiz: how many artists can you recognize? If you can name more than two dozen without looking at the complete list (below), consider yourself picked to click. Artists to watch for include Har Mar Superstar, Ashley DuBose, Nur-D, Gully Boys, deM atlaS, Last Import, Dwynell Roland, Lazerbeak (Doomtree), and even The Current’s own Sean McPherson (Heiruspecs).

Calling the project “the Twin Cities’ largest known collaboration to date” (gauntlet dropped, GAYNGS), Weber says his “mission is to support the arts and entertainment community as a whole, and bring awareness to the many talented individuals who create music in the great state of Minnesota.”

0:15 – Grayson Dewolfe 

0:19 – Julia Christi Ann

0;22 – Amanda Yang

0:24 – Mike Dreams, Raymond Vasquez, Yo Rose


0:32 – Major Days

0:38 – The Immaculate Beings

0:41 – The Von Tramps

0:44 – deM atlaS

0:46 – SYM1 & LILItH Music

0:48 – Ethan O.

0:51 – Dwynell Roland

0:54 – Kihndyn Peters & Exxe

0:57 – Taylor Seaberg

0:59 – Static Panic

1:03 – Jemere Lewis

1:05 – Ka Lia Universe

1:08 – Andrew Thomas

1:11 – Mic Dos

1:15 – Pharaoh

1:18 – Wayo


1:24 – Har Mar Superstar

1:26 – ILLism

1:29 – Circa 93

1:32 – Lazerbeak

1:34 – Last Import

1:38 – NUR-D

1:40 – T.O.N.Y. (Red Poets)

1:43 – John Chuck & The Class

1:50 – Ilie

1:54 – Chaz Kangas

1:56 – Carnage The Executioner

2:00 – Cashinova

2:03 – Bayo

2:05 – Joe Dunn (Frogleg)

2:08 – Keny Grey

2:11 – Drew Barbes (The Morning Kings)

2:13 – Mae Simpson

2:15 – Black Widows

2:17 – Lazenlow

2:19 – The UkuLadies

2:22 – Peter Memorich (The Badman)

2:24 – Chance York

2:27 – Bo Weber

2:30 – Lance Conrad (YNKE)

2:33 – Destiny Roberts

2:36 – Savannah Smith

2:39 – Leo Himself

2:42 – Lizea Harper

2:45 – Whosah

2:49 – Longfall

2:52 – Taylor J

2:54 – Lisell

2:58 – Juniper Douglas & Austin Lombardo

3:00 – Gully Boys

3:05 – Michael Shynes

3:08 – Sean McPherson (Heiruspecs)

3:10 – YAM HAUS

3:12 – Jon Wayne (Jon Wayne & The Pain)

3:15 – Prof

3:16 – Coyote Kid

3:17 – Reed Benjamin

3:19 – Nate Millyunz

3:21 – Christopher Michael Jensen

3:23 – Ashley Dubose

  • Very Cool & With Heart. I would lie to play this track on my show on WEQY-LP Mike’s MN Music Warrehouse as I have already a played a number of the artist shown, but not you Bo! Not yet anyway! :)
    Now About That Gauntlet Thing!
    In 1985 the ARTIST FOR HUMANITY were brought together, a super group of local artists, for the purpose of raising profits for this recording, called Dawning, that would benefit domestic hunger relief for the Minnesota Foodbank Network.

    Contributing Artists: Mary Jane Alm, Howard Arthur, Andy Bailey, Jim Behringer, Spencer Bernard, Bill Beyer, Geoff Bouchier, Gordon Bruce, Jeff Carlson, Ginger Commodore, Margaret Cox, Linda Peterson-DeLaire, Sally Dworsky, Chico Edner, Robert Edwards, David Eiland, Steve Faison, Pat Frederick, Giorgio, Dale Goulett, Jane Henderson, Kyrl Henderson, Rick Houle, Gregg Inhofer, Maurice Jacox, S. Prudence Johnson, Michael Johnson, Robert Johnston, Geoffery Jones, Lisa Keith, Ben Kimmel, Steve Kimmel, Joan Knudtson, Oliver Leiber, Mark Licktieg, Dan Mangold, Dave Marsden, Doug Maynard, Bruce McCabe, Monty Moir, Willie Murphy, Lucia Newell, Alexander O’Neal, Joe Pasquale, Patty Peterson-Paster, Jeanne Arland Peterson, Paul Peterson, Ricky Peterson, Steve Raitt, Ryan Rayston-Swanson, Melanie Rosales, John Scherf, J.D. Steele, Jearlyn Steele, Jevetta Steele, Larry Stock, Neal Sundet, Jeff Sutherland, Glenn Swanson, Fred Weber, Steve Weise, Andy Wilcox, Karl Young, Daniele Zenner


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