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Friday Five: Solid Gold, Graveyard Club, and more new Minnesota music videos

Solid Gold - "Towns"

Friday Five is back after last week’s Thanksgiving break! Here are five music videos that caught my eye over the last couple of weeks. And if you’re interested in submitting a video for next week, send a link to our new associate blogger Emma Manley (emanley@mpr.org), who’ll be handling this post on Dec. 13.

Solid Gold – “Towns”

Electronic/rock band Solid Gold — Zach Coulter, Matt Locher, and Adam Hurlburt — are back with their first new music since 2012’s Eat Your Young. As someone who got into Twin Cities music just after Solid Gold’s presence waned, I’m thrilled about this excuse to dig into their past. Also, their new video “Towns,” shot and edited by Urban Mountain, fills me with excitement for their future. This song is spiked with little violin and synth samples, and Zach Coulter’s voice is lovely as ever. Look out for Solid Gold LP3 sometime in 2020.

Graveyard Club – “Cassandra (Live)”

Graveyard Club adopt a somewhat new aesthetic in this live performance of “Cassandra”: hushed and gleaming, with only Matthew Schufman and Amanda Zimmerman on vocals, piano, and synthesizer. It’s a cool rendition of their Goodnight Paradise song, which was named after the Greek mythological prophetess. Catch the full band at First Avenue’s Mainroom on Dec. 13, when they’ll open a sold-out show for Yam Haus.

Loki’s Folly – “The Little Mermaid”

Loki’s Folly sing “The Little Mermaid” from the perspective of the eponymous Hans Christian Andersen character. Note: we’re not talking the Disney version. Mika Larson filmed and edited this video, giving it a cool black-and-white look as sisters Annie and Nissa screech into studio mics.

Wax Lead – “Honey On The Moon”

This video makes me want to pull down the shades and head up to my attic. Once you hear Holly Axelrod’s voice on this Wax Lead track, there’s no telling what demons will spring out of your speakers. Video by Matty Lang.

DENNY – “Do Ya”

DENNY present another uncanny and yet somehow banging single.