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How much does it cost to get a Cameo shout-out from a Minnesota musician?

Mod Sun, seen here in Hollywood last year, will say hi to just about anyone for $80. (Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

“2019 is all about the experiences,” read a e-mail I recently received from a publicist. “Consumers are shifting their gift lists from products to experiences/memories that will last a lifetime. This year, you can get your loved one a personalized shout out from a favorite musician.”

The publicist was writing about Cameo, a service that sells short personalized videos made just for you by celebrities. Have you ever wanted to give your BFF a happy birthday wish from Madonna? Well, Cameo can’t help you with that, but Debbie Gibson will say hey for a hundred bucks — and she can typically turn a video around in less than 24 hours!

Usually the videos are short and sweet, singer Mark McGrath (“from the band Sugar Ray, off the charts but always in your hearts”) recently went viral with a hilariously heartfelt breakup message commissioned by a user who turned out to be a prankster. “Also doing real ones for the holidays,” tweeted McGrath, whose video greetings also run $100 each.

This all made me wonder: what Minnesota-connected musicians are on Cameo, and what do their greetings go for? Here’s everyone I found, ranked from most affordable to biggest splurge. Anyone I missed? If your Minnesota-linked Cameo doesn’t strictly have to be a music star, you can book Nordy the Minnesota Wild mascot for $65 or — for just $20 — Miss Minnesota herself.

David Ellefson: $25

Megadeth’s bassist hails from Jackson, Minnesota, which celebrated him last year with a richly-deserved David Ellefson Day. When in Jackson, you can visit Kat’s Hog Heaven to buy Ellefson’s custom coffee and check out the Museum of Deth. You can be anywhere in the world, though, to hire Ellefson to deliver a greeting like the 40th birthday message he recently recorded for a guy named Jason. “Keep rockin’, goin’ to all the killer shows, havin’ a good time.”

Mod Sun: $80

This “hippy-hop” artist is currently the priciest Cameo musician to actually have been born in Minnesota: specifically, Bloomington. His stage name is an acronym for “Movement On Dreams, Stand Under None,” and you may get to enjoy a view of his many tattoos if you hire him to, say, announce your pregnancy.

RiFF RAFF: $100

He doesn’t really like to talk about it, but this Houston-born rapper attended Hibbing Community College, where he may have landed on his professional moniker. That’s definitely not an Iron Range accent he used recently to congratulate Amberlee and Samson on their one-week wedding anniversary. “Hope y’all have great kids, and longevity of the weddings and the vows and the things of that nature.”

SISQÓ: $100

Perhaps Minnesota’s most beloved chart-topping transplant who still lives here, Sisqó moved to Maple Grove half a decade ago, and even sang his iconic “Thong Song” at his own 2018 wedding reception at St. Paul’s Landmark Center — a building he described as “kinda like a castle-ish.” It’ll only cost you a Franklin to see the “Incomplete” singer standing in front of a wall of gold records (possibly in Maple Grove) to thank you for being a fan — even if the line you ask him to sing wasn’t actually his line.