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Post-stroke crowdfunding raises over $11,000 for Cedar Cultural Center’s Michael Lord

Michael Lord with Trio Brasiliero at the Cedar in 2015. (via GoFundMe)

Donors including many members of the Minnesota music community have contributed nearly $12,000, as of this writing, to support Cedar Cultural Center assistant director of events Michael Lord.

According to a GoFundMe campaign organized by Joshua Koepp, “on December 9th, Michael suffered a stroke and was brought to Abbott Northwestern for observation and urgent care. After a couple days, Michael was cleared for discharge and was sent home but will be doing outpatient physical therapy into the near future.” Funds raised will go towards supporting Lord’s livelihood and recovery.

“Michael Lord is a man with heart and dedication,” wrote Koepp. “For 19 years he has lent his kindness to the Minnesota music scene as the Assistant Director of Events at the Cedar Cultural Center, where you may have seen him giving heartfelt introductions for local and international artists on stage, thanking patrons and volunteers as they come through, or helping out artists after the show by the merch table. He has been described as someone who deeply values and prioritizes the happiness of those around him, and his warmth has certainly impacted the Cedar and those who’ve met him.”

On Facebook, the campaign has been shared by local artists including Aby Wolf and Raquel Sidie-Wagner, who wrote, “Michael Lord has been an absolutely incredible supporter of Calamity and the Owl and countless other musicians and artists in Minneapolis.”

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