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‘Purple Rain’ added to National Film Registry

The marquee at the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis for a spring 2019 'Purple Rain' screening. (Mary Mathis/MPR)

The Library of Congress announced today that it’s added Purple Rain, the 1984 film that defined the most iconic of Prince’s many images and launched him into the stratosphere of superstardom, to the National Film Registry. 25 films are selected annually for being “culturally, historically or aesthetically” important.

This year’s selections also include the Loretta Lynn biopic Coal Miner’s Daughter, the Mozart biopic Amadeus, and The Last Waltz, Martin Scorsese’s documentary about the Band’s 1976 swan song — the latter featuring a prominent guest appearance by Bob Dylan, the Minnesota native who picked the Canadian-American group to back him live and on record.

Perhaps eyeing the entirely male slate of directorial nominees in this year’s Golden Globes, the Library of Congress highlighted the contributions of women to this year’s National Film Registry additions. Accordingly, they shared a comment from the film’s co-star Apollonia Kotero.

“As a young Latina actress, being cast in Purple Rain was the opportunity of a lifetime,” Apollonia said in a statement. “Roles for women that looked like me were scarce in the ’80s. Prince was never afraid of taking risks. He created a melting pot of cultures and racial interactions within his purple worlds. […] Prince would be thrilled.”

Purple Rain director Albert Magnoli, who recently spoke with The Current’s Jill Riley, told the Library of Congress that he’s “deeply honored” for the movie to be recognized. “All of us strived to create a film that would capture the attention of what we believed at the time was a small audience. None of us expected this longevity. We simply worked hard every day to get it right, and this honor is a testament to the music, story and characters that were created by all of us so many years ago.”

Want to dig deeper into one of the best-known films ever shot in Minnesota? We’re on it.

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