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Watch Dua Saleh’s crowdsourced-via-Instagram-filter video for ‘pretty kitten’

Dua Saleh performs at The Current in February 2019. (Nate Ryan/MPR)

Twin Cities hip-hop artist Dua Saleh has released an innovative video for their new single “pretty kitten.” In collaboration with a design team assembled by Minneapolis agency Zeus Jones, Saleh crowdsourced vertical videos to create what they call “the first ever fan-contributed music video entirely made of Instagram face filters.”

Speaking recently with Andrea Swensson on The Current’s Local Show, Saleh said the song is “about a turbulent relationship that is as sweet as honey. It’s addicting, but you know it’s a little bit rocky.” The track is a collaboration with Australian duo FnZ.

The filters, Saleh continued, relate to “my personal relationship with fluidity, and kind of an aversion to reality in general. I don’t necessarily want to feel human all the time. I just kind of want to exist. I feel entirely human, but also nonhuman at the same time.”

For more from Saleh, check out their performance in our studio earlier this year, and their debut EP Nūr — one of this year’s most notable Minnesota music releases. In February, they’ll be premiering new work as part of the 2020 Cedar Commissions.

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