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Lizzo, on tour in Australia, volunteers to help fire victims

via Foodbank Australia on Instagram

Lizzo is currently on tour in Australia, and took time earlier today (it’s already tomorrow in Australia) to help pack food for victims of the raging fires that are devastating the continent.

“Everyone was freaking out” when a surprise guest at Foodbank, a food donation nonprofit, turned out to be the chart-topping star, a fellow volunteer told Insider. Lizzo was “everything you’d hope and expect her to be,” said the volunteer, who said the musician offered encouragement and initiated a group hug. The Foodbank facility in Yarraville, Victoria posted photos of Lizzo pitching in.

Now based in Los Angeles, Lizzo spent a pivotal half-decade living and making music in Minnesota. Australian artists on The Current’s playlist, understandably deeply affected by the tragic fires, are also raising awareness and helping support affected communities.

Courtney Barnett has been urging donations and retweeting the same Foodbank location Lizzo supported, which is near Barnett’s home in Melbourne. Stella Donnelly, who hails from Perth in western Australia, is on the lineup for a benefit concert featuring artists from that region of the country rallying to support victims where the fires are happening in eastern Australia.