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Song of the Day: Jade on how The Current’s weekday feature spurs music discovery

Jade at SXSW, 2018. (Nate Ryan/MPR)

Our winter member drive is highlighting music discovery: we’re asking you to support The Current to help us continue to bring the best new music to you every day of the year. Every weekday at 11 a.m., that means the Song of the Day, an on-air and online feature offering a cool track for you to enjoy and even download. I asked Jade, The Current’s midday host, to say a little more about how this feature works.

When people tune in to the Song of the Day, or subscribe to the podcast, what should they expect?

The song of the day is typically a brand new artist that we think is great, but are testing their sound out. An artist that’s coming to town, or a local artist that has given us an early taste of their upcoming album. It’s a great way to discover music way before it’s played anywhere else.

How does Song of the Day fit into your job spinning music on The Current? How do the songs get picked?

The Song of the Day is a moment of music discovery, even if it’s a band that you have listened to before. These are mostly artists that are giving us early looks at music they’ll be releasing later in the month or year. We have a team that listens to the music (including Jesse Wiza and David Safar) and picks out the songs we think will work best.

Have you received any memorable responses from artists or fans?

Since most of the songs are from up-and-coming artists; it’s always great to see their feedback. I make a daily video to help discuss the song and bands seem to get a kick out of it. I always appreciate it when other bands comment on a band they dig. Cage The Elephant’s Matt and Brad Shultz have a younger brother Daniel who’s band we played (Dan Luke and The Raid) and like the good older brothers they are, they freaked out and commented.

What are some of your personal favorite tracks or artists you’ve discovered through this feature?

This year we’ve shared music from Dayglow and Disq and I am in LOVE!