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Friday Five: A local ‘Lean on Me,’ Dua Saleh, and more new Minnesota music videos

If you have a music video you’d like to be considered for an upcoming feature, send it my way at fridayfive@mpr.org!

Local musicians – “Lean On Me (The Quarantine Version)”

Local media group KAJ Productions rallied a group of nearly 20 local musicians — including J.D. Steele and Prince drummer Kirk Johnson — for a special rendition of “Lean on Me.” The spirit of the iconic song is well represented by the heart-filled performances from the artists’ homes. On the evening of Friday, April 24 at 5:54 p.m. The Current, Classical MPR, and MPR News will be simulcasting “Lean on Me” and inviting all of Minnesota to stand outside their houses and sing together. Join us!

Dua Saleh – “umbrellar”

Dua Saleh has gotten ample local and national attention over the past few years for good reason. Their unique voice and songwriting style made last year’s Nūone of 2019’s most notable local releases. “umbrellar” is the first track to be released off their upcoming EP, Rosetta. The music video features a tender romance shot with a stunning color scheme in Franconia Sculpture Park.

Why Not – “Dust”

Why Not have been tearing up the local music scene since before they were old enough to drive to their own shows. “Dust” is an energetic ride with shredding guitars, abrasive vocals, and catchy rhythms.

Little Lizard – “Ghost Shows”

Little Lizard‘s funky mix brass-filled grooves are as quirky as ever in their latest track “Ghost Show.” The video’s bedsheet ghosts and campy theremin jam shots are sure to inject some fun into your Friday afternoon.

Sean Anonymous –  “ANTI/SOCIAL”

“ANTI/SOCIAL” is the title track from local rapper Sean Anonymous‘s latest album. The video’s snowy Minnesota streets feel like a distant memory in this week’s balmy spring weather.