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Friday Five: John Mark Nelson, Longshot and Lazerbeak, and more new Minnesota music videos

If you have a music video you’d like to be considered for an upcoming feature, send it my way at fridayfive@mpr.org!

John Mark Nelson & The Quarantine Chorale – “You Are The One”

The silver linings in the state of the world today have so quickly revealed themselves to be our communities and the art they create. John Mark Nelson rallied together with the voices of 165 people from around the world, including some local music favorites like jeremy messersmith, Dave Simonett, and Actual Wolf, to join him in singing this heartwarming tune about loving each other during the crisis. The video features charming animations from Sarah Nelson and the song was co-written by Dan Wilson.

Longshot and Lazerbeak – “Parades”

A Doomtree member and a prolific presence in the Twin Cities’ producer scene, Lazerbeak has teamed up with Chicago rapper Longshot for his latest track. The song condemns acts of police brutality and commemorates victims of this violence by name in the chorus. Building in intensity and sound, the song comes to a peak with a choir of voices repeating “Let’s celebrate those gone too soon, Black Lives Matter.” The song itself was first released on an album the pair released in 2018 and is paired with visuals from Mercies May’s short film “O’ Sorrow.”

T’adre – “To Night”

In his debut music video, T’adre finds himself in silhouette against cloudy skies and headstones, instantly creating a palpably gloomy atmosphere. “To Night” finds a perfect balance within indie rock-leaning guitars, steady rhythms, and silky vocals to tie it all together.

Annie and the Bang Bang – “GOOD DOG”

It doesn’t get more Minnesota than filming in the basement of the Grain Belt Bottling House, and that’s exaclty what Annie and the Bang Bang have done with their latest video. The song’s ominous sound is right at home in the cavernous room. “GOOD DOG” is the first single to be released from the band’s upcoming album LOVELAND.

Too Champagne – “Admit Defeat”

“Admit Defeat” is the debut single from new Minneapolis-based band Too Champagne. The laid-back indie-pop sound is complimented perfectly by the video’s cycle through an array of props and backgrounds. The group is set to release an EP on May 1st.