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Har Mar Superstar’s Coloring Books for a Cause announce second volume, to benefit Palmer’s and Grumpy’s NE staff

Detail from the cover of 'The Big Coloring Book of Grumpy's and Palmer's.'

In an effort to help support the local music scene, Minneapolis music staple Har Mar Superstar has teamed up with a crew of artists to produce two coloring books. The sales from these family-oriented novelties will go directly to support the staff at Palmer’s, Grumpy’s NE, and First Avenue; all of whom have been unemployed for the better part of a month due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project, Coloring Books For a Cause, has now announced its second edition: The Big Coloring Book of Grumpy’s and Palmer’s. The books feature illustrations, puzzles, and word games that were illustrated by Twin Cities creatives and educators like Erica Ilich, Laura Hauser, Sarah Davis, and Zachy Edward Clair Swenson. All are regulars of these establishments; Swenson is an actual employee at Palmer’s.

Adults and kids alike can entertain themselves during quarantine with fun games like “Make Your Own Wall of Shame,” “Build Your Own Pizza,” and “Help the Hipster Bike From Grumpy’s to Palmer’s.”

The previous edition of the coloring book showcased Minnesota musical icons (Atmosphere, Hüsker Dü, Lizzo, the Replacements) and local favorites (Gully Boys, Nur-D, Trampled by Turtles) — and, of course, Prince.

“Laura (Hauser) and I have been kind of just cooped up in the house and coming up with ideas,” Har Mar told The Current’s Jill Riley. “She was drawing these kinds of personalized thank-you notes to local bands’ records; just as something to do and demand got so high that we […] started brainstorming and we’re like, you know, this could be a thing that could help a lot of people out. So we kind of came up with the idea to make a coloring book of a bunch of local artists.”

The first drive was so successful that Tillmann and Hauser promptly responded with the Grumpy’s/Palmer’s edition within a week. You can purchase both editions of Coloring Books For a Cause here.