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Photos: L.A. house Prince turned purple for sale at $30 million

Spoiler alert: it’s not purple any more.

1235 Sierra Alta Way, a mansion in Los Angeles, looms large in Prince lore as the house he rented from NBA player Carlos Boozer from September 2005 to May 2006. As recounted on TopTenRealEstateDeals.com:

When Alaskan-born Boozer signed with the Utah Jazz in 2004 for big money, he wanted a home in the sun and bought a stunning Southern California tennis estate decorating it with the best expensive furnishings. Almost as good as his new home, his music idol, Prince, offered him $95,000 per month for a one-year lease and soon moved in. A couple of months later when Boozer was back in LA, he discovered that Prince had changed almost everything about his house. His beautiful furnishings were gone and replaced by black-and-purple everything. The weight room was now a disco dance floor with a DJ booth and his bedrooms converted to a hair salon and massage parlor. Boozer called “foul” and threatened to sue but Prince soon returned everything back to the way it was when he first rented the home.

In a 2018 interview with ESPN, Boozer recounted coming home to see “this big purple rug that was going from the motor court area all the way up to the front door…he took all of my furniture out, everything that I’d put in the house. He took the carpet out, put in some black carpet in some areas, put purple carpet in some other areas. He put his picture everywhere. I mean, there was a picture of Prince in every room.”

It was the second L.A. house Prince styled “3121,” the first one (another rental property) actually having that address at 3121 Antelo Road. Prior to Prince, the house’s most famous former resident was Elizabeth Taylor.

Prince performed at parties at the Sierra Alta Way house several times, including once on May 6, 2006, for winners of a “purple ticket” giveaway to promote the album 3121. According to Prince Vault, celebrity guests at that show included “David Duchovny, Sharon Stone, Trisha Yearwood, Jessica Alba, Angela Bassett, Jada Pinkett Smith, Thandi Newton, Forest Whitaker, Jude Law, Bruce Willis, Mekhi Phifer, Cicely Tyson, Natalie Cole and members of Maroon 5.”

Guests at that party didn’t get the tour they were promised, but you can now take a virtual tour thanks to photos from broker the Oppenheim Group. In the ESPN interview Boozer noted that even though Prince left the house in its original state “like he was never there,” the property’s purple pedigree immediately boosted its value. “I bought it for $8.6 [million]. Because he rented it out, I was able to sell it for $12.4.”

Now, it’s $30 million. In Boozer’s words, “Crazy story, bro — but completely true.”