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Friday Five: Graveyard Club, Yummm, and more new Minnesota music videos

If you have a music video you’d like to be considered for an upcoming feature, send it my way at fridayfive [at] mpr.org!

Graveyard Club – “Dreamland”

Graveyard Club’s nostalgic 80s synth-pop influenced jams are as cinematic as ever in their video for “Dreamland.” Here, a man is haunted by memories of an ex-lover, shown through charming dance sequences and brilliant color schemes. “Dreamland” is on the band’s most recent album, 2019’s Goodnight Paradise.

Yummm – “Limbo”

Footage from socially distanced digital dance classes is paired with playful cartoons in Yummm’s latest video. “Limbo” is instantly catchy with a hook that’ll have you dancing along on the first listen.

Fragile Canyons – “Cowboy Enconomy”

If you have ever encountered Fragile Canyons’ ever-relevant local meme curation on Twitter, it won’t come as a surprise to see the same sort of humor infused in their latest music video. Here, some rather chic cowboy outlaws in ski masks brainwashing the band and calling for an unlikely hero.

26 BATS! – “National Anthem”

26 BATS! have never been shy to speak their minds, and their latest song, “National Anthem,” is no exception. Powerful vocals carry words social commentary over blues-infused instrumentals in this unflinching ballad.

Vial – “Therapy”

“Therapy” opens with stripped-down guitar and delicate vocals, uncharacteristically gentle for the feisty punk quartet Vial, before breaking into shredding guitar riffs and no-nonsense shouted choruses. The song is from their debut full-length LP Grow Up.

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