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Friday Five: Sister Species, The People Between and more new Minnesota music videos

If you have a music video you’d like to be considered for an upcoming feature, send it my way: fridayfive@mpr.org!

Sister Species – “Heat Death (Hold Me Here)”

The music video for “Heat Death (Hold Me Here)” features tender moments of intimacy and touch that are often grounding for Minnesotans in the depths of our coldest winter months. Now, facing a different sort of isolation, the message feels as timely as ever. Sister Species’s dynamic arrangements of accordion and harmonizing trumpets make for a song that is both comforting and compelling.

The People Between – “We’re Coming Back”

Featuring musicians from Minnesota and New York, “We’re Coming Back” is a rocking acclamation of togetherness from separate video panels. The song’s creation was spearheaded by Jim McGuinn (The Current’s program director) and Nick Petropoulos. It features an all-star assortment of voices including local names Mark Mallman, Katy Vernon, and Martin Devaney as well as members of the bands Mumford and Sons, Trupa Trupa, Semisonic, and more. Proceeds from the song’s purchase benefit City Meals on Wheels in New York and Twin Cities Music Community Trust.

Keston Wright – “All The Same (Streets)”

Keston Wright’s “All the Same (Streets)” finds a dreamy-eyed beauty in monotony. The video montages endless scenes of cleaning in a lonely warehouse space as the singer croons “You can’t understand what I’m going through” atop a bouncy beat and samples of news clips. Wright is also in the well-loved funky trio Static Panic.

Another Heaven – “Knot”

Amidst times that are perpetually churning, many artists have been forced to adapt their plans and become creative in the ways they interact with the projects they’ve begun. Such is the case for Another Heaven, who was amidst the recording of their first full-length album in the weeks before social distancing put those plans on hold. The group is instead releasing the songs they had in progress as a series of singles, beginning with “Knot,” a fuzzed-out psychedelic with kaleidoscopic visuals to match.

Sister Castle Theater – “Rome”

Sister Castle Theater’s “Rome” feels like it was written for rainy days: sweet, soft, and just the right tinge of melancholy. The video’s amorphous clay figures wobble playfully around an organ in a charming dance. Sister Castle Theater is the solo project of Tyler Tholl of Maple & Beech.