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MC Longshot on the message of his new EP: ‘Go out, make your change, and fight the fight’

An image from a protest in Minneapolis on June 5, 2020. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

“This feels like we’re actually going forward.” said MC Longshot, while discussing the community’s powerful response to the police killing of George Floyd, and the current momentum in the ongoing fight for racial equity. “That’s the actual, hardcore meaning of movement, so I’m really proud of Minneapolis.”

Local Show host, Andrea Swensson, had a conversation with the local hip-hop artist to discuss his participation in the first night of the protests and demonstrations throughout Minneapolis, and how he funneled all of his subsequent emotions into a new EP, I’m Saying, which was released last week.

MC Longshot discussed how current events have caused him to take time to reflect on his role as a black man in this country, in this world, and as a black artist in Minneapolis, specifically. He noted that as an artist, he wants to lend his voice to the people. “This ain’t for me. That’s why the cover is black.” he said. “Just listen to the music and the messages….be inspired to then go out, make your change, and fight the fight.”

The artist also discussed his hometown pride, both for his current home, Minneapolis, and his former home, Chicago. “I have been living in Minneapolis for 11 years now. This is my home. This is my literal home. Chicago…I was born and raised and lived their first 30 years of my life there. That is my home. You can never take neither one of these from me. These are always gonna be my homes no matter where I go to next.” He said that throughout this fight, he wants to continue to give back to his communities, specifically, the black communities within each city, by helping clean up, fundraising, and helping educate the youth.

Looking forward, MC Longshot is optimistic that as Minneapolis keeps fighting this fight, the community will see tangible change. “I’m so proud and so happy to be a part of everything that Minneapolis has stood for in this peaceful, positive, constructive, progressive protest.” When discussing his specific role within it all, he noted, “As much positive, constructive change that I can challenge people on, that’s what I need to be contributing right now.”