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Sophia Eris, Lady Midnight, and DJ Keezy launch campaign to fund new venue

Clockwise from upper left: DJ Keezy (Cecilia Johnson/MPR), Lady Midnight (Mary Mathis/MPR), Sophia Eris (Nate Ryan/MPR).

Sophia Eris, Lady Midnight, and DJ Keezy have launched a $5 million crowdfunding campaign to open what would be the only professional music venue in Minneapolis owned by women of color. The proposed venue’s name: Auntie’s.

“With the recent uprising ignited from the murder of George Floyd combined with accusations of abuse in the music community, the need for a safe space is evident and urgent,” write the artists in the GoFundMe description, referencing the accounts of abuse and manipulation involving members of the Minnesota music community that have filled social media in recent days.

“Auntie’s will be a venue owned by womxn of color rooted in radical freedom of expression without judgement. Leading with loving accountability, it will provide a safe space that presents performance, fosters healing, and provides professional knowledge. Highlighting powerful femininity, Auntie’s welcomes people of any age, race, gender, or sexual orientation to leave our space feeling empowered, inspired, and supported.”

According to the artists, funds raised will support property, licensing, and staffing as well as “professionals from the entertainment industry, mental health fields, sexual abuse agencies and community members to help us create a business model reflective of our values and mission.”

The artists have not yet publicly identified a physical space for Auntie’s to exist, but the venue now has accounts on Instagram and Twitter.