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Chan Poling announces a new The Suburbs album on The Morning Show

Chan Poling of the Suburbs at First Avenue on Jan. 18, 2019, celebrating The Current's 14th birthday (Mary Mathis | MPR)

One of the Twin Cities’ most influential rock bands, The Suburbs, will be releasing a new album this fall, entitled Tell Me All You Can About Your Broken Heart. This will be the third record the group has recorded since reuniting in 2013, having called it quits back in 1987. 

Chan Poling, the band’s jovial ringleader, announced the news today during an interview on The Morning Show with Jill Riley.

Poling explained that the current political climate and quarantine had a big impact on his songwriting. “(There’s) a little bit of anger, and a little bit of political ranting,” he said of his favorite new track “You Ruin the World for Me.”

The band spent much of quarantine engaging in socially distanced studio sessions: running mics that were meaningfully separated from the engineers and band members, having only one or two members in the recording booth, and wearing masks.

“We started basic tracks on the new album before winter hit, and as a matter of fact, I think we played two new songs at our First Avenue show on February 14,” Poling said. “We were kind of on our way with it…It was kind of a natural sequence. It’s kind of like getting pregnant: “Well, here comes another album!”

The group is in the process of mixing and will be releasing singles in the coming months. No specific date was given, but Poling noted that the record will be out “just in time for the election.”