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Friday Five: Classic spooky videos from Minnesota musicians

The local music scene exists with a hint of Halloween all year ’round. There are the creepy clowns in the Turf Club basement, that one drafty stall in the First Ave bathroom where there just has to be a ghost, not to mention running into Tinder matches turned ghosts. While spooky festivities look different this year for many of us, there’s no better time to curl up in your Joe Exotic costume or Babe the Blue Ox onesie and revisit some of the great local music videos from haunts from the past.

Carnage the Executioner – “Ravenous”

Directed by Paul von Stoetzel (creator of the Minneapolis Halloween staple, Haunted Basement), rapper Carnage the Excecutioner‘s “Ravenous” combines everyday horrors with Halloween monsters. The video concludes with Carnage with were-wolf like features dropping in on a high class dinner party to bare his teeth.

Graveyard Club – “Witchcraft”

Graveyard Club make spooky synth jams laden with 80s nostalgia and there’s no better example of this than their 2018 video, “Witchcraft.” Complete with dreamy bike rides in skull makeup, a meetup at a roller rink, and a glowing prom-like scene, “Witchcraft” is all the best parts of your favorite spooky teen drama packed into a danceable four minutes.

Jeremy messersmith – “Organ Donor”

Jeremy messersmith’s album The Reluctant Graveyard embodies haunting characters and musings on life and death across its 11 tracks. Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, Graveyard tells stories about John Dillinger, graveyards, coffin sales, and ghosts, all intertwined with sweet stories of romance and bits of humor. “Organ Donor” tells the story of a man losing his spine, head and other body parts, metaphorically and physically. The video’s charming animation style brings to life the personality of the sympathetic narrator.

BadNraD – “Werebabe!”

Local rocker BadNRad’s quirky sensibilities are all too perfect for a seasonally appropriate music video. Heavy metal growls and neon sunglasses alongside campy ’80s rock aesthetics tell the age-old story of finding out your hot new crush is none other than a werewolf.

Mark Mallman – “Monster Movies”

Author, jingle writer, and all-around rock star Mark Mallman boldly proclaims that monster movies don’t scare him. In the “Monster Movies” video he gets tangles in caution tape, paints on a ghastly grin, and plays around with creepy tropes in his own uniquely jaunty way.

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