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Friday Five: Dua Saleh, a new jeremy messersmith project, and more Minnesota music videos

Every other Friday, we highlight new Minnesota music videos on our Local Current blog. If you have a music video you’d like to be considered for an upcoming feature, send it my way! fridayfive [at] mpr.org.

Dua Saleh – “angel rock”

2020 has been a big year for Dua Saleh. From releasing their remarkable EP, Rosetta, to announcing an upcoming role on the Netflix series Sex Education, their work has been praised in the Twin Cities and beyond. Their latest single, “angel rock,” features haunting strings from YULI and otherworldly visuals. Upon release of the song, Saleh made this statement: “Angel rock was made two years ago when I was reflecting on the significance of hope during a difficult event such as poverty. People crumble into themselves in moments of despair and hope is the only way through. At that time, I felt that an elixir was undying love. In current times, many hope for financial security and even a vaccine. Love is healing for a brief moment when one forgets about their situation. When bliss enraptures the spirit.”

Mixtape for the Milky Way – “Video Games”

As we rapidly approach a chilly season indoors, the comfort of video games, old and new, becomes all the more appealing. Under the moniker Mixtape for the Milky Way, jeremy messersmith sings a bittersweet lullaby about the cozy world of familiar video games and where the simplicity of slaying the dragon and logging off gets complicated in the world away from the screen. The “Video Games” visual was created by Eric Power Up who brings charming scenes of classic games to life in paper animation.

Soubrette – “Can I Wait”

Avant-pop artist Soubrette‘s “Can I Wait” is a bubbly tune and guaranteed to have you tapping your toes along. Soubrette, Nelle June Anderson, has toured as a baroque opera soloist and uses her well-honed vocals to craft her special breed of pop. The artist dances in a supernatural field of water lilies and glowing dragonflies animated by Matt Semke.

Catbath – “Woozy”

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…mammoths stampeding and robots dancing around a dizzying cubical scene? Catbath’s latest video, “Woozy,” uses their grunge-pop inflected sound to underscore an illustration of the nonsense of every day. In the video’s description, Catbath said: “How does one understand themselves in a greater context when the world around them defies all logic? There is no resolve. A nauseous euphoria overwhelms the senses as the self surrenders and the void is embraced.”

Little Man – “Body to Body”

Believe it or not, there was a time not all that long ago when the phrase “Body to Body” didn’t make us collectively recoil after months of adapting to public health norms. Little Man’s latest was filmed in the Midway car wash and speaks to a simpler time with ample rock and roll sensuality.