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Pop-ups! Paisley Park at Mall of America, ‘Mooby’s’ at the Depot

Paisley Park pop-up at Mall of America, October 2016. (Jay Gabler/MPR)

Everybody loves a good pop-up, and with the retail and restaurant industries (not to mention the music industry) profoundly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, innovation and flexibility is especially important this holiday season. Two new pop-up experiences are giving Twin Cities music and pop-culture fans a chance to get a little closer to a couple of legends.

One legend is Prince. Paisley Park previously opened a mini-museum at Mall of America while the venue was completing its conversion to a public attraction in 2016, and starting on Black Friday this week (according to a press release), mall-walkers will discover

an outpost of Prince’s iconic home and creative sanctuary—a place where music, fashion, and culture are celebrated, energized, and inspired by the visionary creativity of Prince. Shoppers will find new, vintage, and exclusive apparel, music, memorabilia and gifts. Plus, the opportunity to view artifacts from the Paisley Park collection and be inspired by Prince’s legacy.

A museum, performance venue, and recording studio in normal circumstances, Paisley Park is presently closed due to the public health emergency.

The other legend is a literally legendary – as in fictional – restaurant from three Kevin Smith movies. Mooby’s is coming to the Depot at First Avenue from Dec. 12-19. With all pick-ups scheduled and staggered to minimize virus risk (according to a press release), fans who’ve been hoping to get their hands on the snacks enjoyed by characters in ClerksDogma, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back can order a…

choice of one Moo Main (Cow Tipper or Cow Tipper with Beyond Burger, Cock Smoker Chicken Sandwich, Cow Dong Vegan Sriracha Brat, Egga Mooby Muffin, available vegan as well) plus a Salt Lick Side (Hater Totz or Onion Rings to rule them all).

Beverage options will include a limited-edition Mooby’s Pilsner from Indeed Brewing. Related merchandise will also be on sale, for those who want a souvenir that will last longer than their appetites. Pre-orders are now available.

Fun fact: at Prince’s invitation, Kevin Smith shot documentary footage of the 2001 Celebration event at Paisley Park. Smith later soured on the experience, and the video has never been released. Hopefully some day the footage will “pop up” out of the Vault.