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Behind the Scenes: Dizzy Fae’s personality shines on ‘Body Move’

It’s been evident from the time Dizzy Fae started releasing music in 2016 that she, alongside writing catchy tracks and delivering captivating vocals, has the kind of personality that draws people in. From her always entertaining TikToks, her infectious live presence, and a steady stream of fresh new music, the singer has garnered attention in the local scene and beyond for her strong creative vision. “Body Move” is the second single Dizzy has released in 2021, and follows her 2019 mixtape, No GMO.

The “Body Move” music video was directed by Will Tooke and produced by Zoe Hazlett, who also did 2D animation on the project. The pair worked with Dizzy Fae and the rest of the video team in a highly collaborative process.

“It started with Dizzy approaching me with the ‘What What (In the Butt)’ video,” Tooke said, referring to a kooky music video from Samwell that rose to popularity after being referenced in South Park. “We ran with that vibe and decided to create this sort of quirky world. After we had a couple meetings we handed things over to Zoe who drew up the aesthetic.”

“I started with those kind of rudimentary shapes and colors in the video and all the fun weird ideas there,” Hazlett said. “Then I thought of ways to modernize it, updated the color palette, and though about animators that specifically would know how to do what we were looking for.”

The video opens with a skit where Foushee, whose song “Deep End” we’ve been spinning on The Current, gives Dizzy advice to get out of a creative rut.

“Dizzy and Foushee are good friends,” Hazlett said. “It came up naturally to have her play this chill, helpful friend character in the video.”

The pair share a spirited interaction, captured in a stylized way, complete with a laugh track and animated hand gestures. This opening sets the tone for the rest of the video, something that explores an eccentric space while staying grounded with elements of nostalgia.

“Right before we started shooting Dizzy said she wanted a mixture between Scott Pilgrim vibes and a sitcom,” Tooke said. “We really leaned into that and incorporated elements of a 2000’s Disney sitcom, like Hannah Montana.”

Tooke and Hazlett worked alongside a creative team to bring the video to life in a short time frame. Collaboration between different specialists made a polished final project with a high production value possible.

“It was great having such an amazing visual team,” Hazlett said. “Working with Minneapolis animators was a big highlight for me. I met Dan [Forke] and Chris [Rutledge] through a Minneapolis animator network and it was super cool to have all these talented people doing their thing.”

As Dizzy Fae dances through her animated backdrop alongside quirky characters, it’s clear that the video, with its CGI, 3D animation, 2D animation, and surreal editing, is playing to the strengths of an entire team of creatives in their element. The space they created together embraces humor and fun, and finds a clear center in its oddball components through Dizzy’s well articulated vision.

“Dizzy really knows her world,” Hazlett said. “When you spend time with her it feels like you’re getting to experience this fun, creative world with her, and that’s what we wanted to showcase in this video.”