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Lizzo releases new single, ‘Rumors,’ featuring Cardi B

“Just wait until the summer when they let me out the house,” sings Lizzo on her new single “Rumors,” a typically unabashed celebration of independence and confidence. The song, a first taste of Lizzo’s “new era,” in her own words, is the first musical collaboration between the Hustlers costars and Lizzo’s first single since 2019.

The song comes with a video in which the two luxuriate in a classical setting, receiving the worship they deserve with a bevy of dancers and some provocative props. Except for the song’s spicy lyrics the video isn’t precisely NSFW, but if you’re still working from home and your kids are around, get ready to answer some questions about the golden penises decorating Lizzo’s goddess pad.

In just under a month, Lizzo will play a homecoming show at Treasure Island Amphitheater in Welch.