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Behind the Scenes: EVV rocks out on ‘Dead to Me’

With vibrant blue and red tinted shots, driving guitars, and an intense chorus, EVV’s debut music video at as a solo artist, “Dead to Me,” is explosive. The inspiration for the aesthetics of the video came from the raw emotions captured within the song itself. “I wanted to show the contrast between the anger and […]

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Behind the Scenes: Bugsy get vulnerable in ‘overwhelming’ video

Local quartet Bugsy‘s latest music video, for “overwhelming,” features the band spitting out plastic spiders and taking baths in blazers alongside rubber snakes.  The band’s debut EP, Teratoma, was released just over a year ago and their latest single “overwhelming” features the band’s signature lively guitar riffs and sweeping vocal harmonies. The music video was […]

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Behind the Scenes: Moise collaborates with a childhood friend, director Effy Kawira, for dreamy and dark ‘Tennessee’ video

Minneapolis-based R&B artist Moise’s latest music video, “Tennessee,” begins as a nostalgic golden dream and twists into a nightmare. Featuring a cherry red convertible and tender moments with a smiling girlfriend, played by Naomi Seleshi, “Tennessee” evokes a feeling of wistful nostalgia before introducing an element of sour jealousy and revenge. The song comes from […]

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