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Behind the Scenes: Ali Elabbady’s ‘Tacos & Tastemakers’

Ali Elabbady is, in the truest sense of the phrase, a storyteller. Throughout his career, the Twin Cities native has critiqued music, written about food, DJed, produced music, hosted acclaimed radio shows, and much more. Throughout all his pursuits, Elabbady approaches the world with a passionate perspective, ready to dive deep into the subject, and […]

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Behind the Scenes: Marlena Myles’s colorful world set to Tufawon’s ‘Cinnamon’

“Minneapolis is Dakota homeland, home to a lot of ancient stories,” artist and animator Marlena Myles said. “My view of the city is that it’s the past, present, and future all existing in the same moment.” In local rapper Tufawon’s latest music video, for his song “Cinnamon,” Myles brings intricate designs, animals, city streets, and […]

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Minneapolis artist L.A. Buckner tops iTunes jazz chart

The Twin Cities music scene has a new chart-topper in its ranks. The interdisciplinary jazz drummer and producer L.A. Buckner scored a number one record on the iTunes jazz chart at the start of August. The album, titled BiG HOMiE, is a heterogeneous mix of jazz, gospel, hip-hop, and avant-funk that is just as reminiscent […]

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