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First Avenue, Sound 80, and Prince’s childhood home may receive National Register of Historic Places consideration

Paisley Park may be the most widely recognized brick-and-mortar locus of Prince Rogers Nelson’s half-century spent creating and producing in Minnesota; until quite recently, little was done to recognize or even protect the other homes, studios, and venues where the artist spent many years honing his sound, recording some of his best-known work, and playing […]

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Review and photos: Better Oblivion Community Center make their Minneapolis debut at First Avenue

The Better Oblivion Community Center opened its doors for one night in Minneapolis, and a sold-out crowd rushed in. Better Oblivion Community Center is a collaboration between Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst, both successful rock artists in their own right. Their debut self-titled came out in January of this year. This project isn’t Bridgers’ first […]

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Minnesota music therapists spark healing and growth…and fun

As Brandon Leu began playing his cello, his body seemed to become more and more relaxed. His facial expressions almost implied a music-induced trance. As the prelude to Bach’s first cello suite came to an end, Leu finished with a proudly raised cello bow after an almost flawless performance. He finally smiled as he continued to perform his hand-picked […]

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