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Coronavirus impact on Minnesota music scene: What we know right now

There’s a huge amount of uncertainty right now around everything involving the coronavirus pandemic and our responses to it. What activities can go on, and what activities need to be called off? For how long? With large public gatherings and travel, particularly international travel, being discouraged or banned around he world, the global music industry […]

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Have encores outlived their purpose? Discuss.

You’re at a show by one of your favorite bands. They play an epic version of a song from their latest album, they introduce all the musicians, and they close the number with a flash of pyrotechnics. “Thank you very much!” cries the singer as they head offstage and the lights go down. That leaves […]

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What are the best Prince tracks released since 2016?

It’s undeniably been bittersweet to hear the Prince music that’s been released from the Vault since the artist’s tragic death in 2016, but there’s also no denying the power of the sounds that Prince left behind. We asked several prominent fans to share their favorite tracks to emerge over the past four years. De Angela […]

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15 years, 15 unforgettable Minnesota concerts

This month, The Current is celebrating 15 years on the air. Inspired by Corbin Reiff’s book Lighters in the Sky, Andrea Swensson and I challenged ourselves to think back on every year from 2005 to 2019 and name one essential concert you’d absolutely have to hit if you could go skipping back in a time machine. […]

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In memoriam: Music greats we lost in 2019

The end of a year is a time to celebrate the best new music that hit our ears in the past 12 months — and also to remember the remarkable lives and storied careers of people on the music scene who passed on. For the Honey Do list this Saturday, Dec. 28 on The Current, […]

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