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Five years later, ‘Lizzobangers’ shows Lizzo has always been a boss

These days, Lizzo is all photo shoots and peach emoji, a triumphant star embarking on national tours with Haim and Florence + the Machine. Fans thirst for her next album; outlets such as the New York Times and Teen Vogue afford her coverage. But no matter how high their “Good As Hell” play counts, many could stand to try her debut album, Lizzobangers: a […]

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23 Prince albums from 1995-2010 now available on streaming services

As the result of a distribution deal with Sony, 23 Prince albums originally released from 1995 to 2010 are now available on major streaming services. Some were previously available on Tidal, but the widespread availability of these albums — some of which were originally released only to members of Prince’s NPG Music Club — will […]

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Top ten new Minnesota State Fair foods that sound like band names

Bananas Foster French Toast These ska sensations will have you skankin’ through the Midway all night long. UpNorth Puff Pasty This Ely rapper will have you nodding your head with his bold lyrics and bouncing beats built on polka samples. Shrimp Ceviche This jazz guitar quartet will wow you with their fleet-fingered renditions of Ritchie […]

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In town for Soundset? Here’s where you should go

People from all around the world visit Minnesota every spring for Soundset, the largest hip-hop festival in the United States. But how many venture beyond the State Fairgrounds to discover where our local heroes grew up? Where they shop or eat? Here are a few hometown spots you can go to soak up the culture. Of […]

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