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There’s a record store for everyone in the Twin Cities

Like music and the people who buy it, record stores have personality. There are the nerdy ones, the trendy ones, and yes, the snobs. Some glory in clutter, while others read more Type A. Poring over local lists, you might wonder what record stores would suit your wants and needs — where can you shop for […]

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Remembering Tom Petty, who made us believe without having to ask

“For all his present eminence,” I wrote in a review of Tom Petty’s last Minnesota concert, “Petty still comes off as the kid who’s cool because he takes himself seriously, but not too seriously. That’s the image that appears on the cover of Damn the Torpedoes and other early albums: the lanky, sun-kissed Florida boy who’s running down a […]

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Local drummers celebrate Ellis Drum Company’s retail reopening

One of the great things about niche communities is that they’re often filled with passionate people. Case in point: the Twin Cities drum community, which welcomes Ellis Drum Company back to retail operation today. After decades of business and multiple locations in St. Paul, owner Tim Ellis had to sell his retail space in 2016. But […]

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Cheerio Chaps, Cheerio Goodbye to Wild Beasts

I was incredibly sad to read a letter on Instagram Monday morning from the British band Wild Beasts, announcing their impending split. They’ve been together for 13 years and five albums and they’ve mutually decided to part ways. Leave a good thing whilst it’s still good. I’m disappointed that now I’ll definitely never get to […]

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The legacy of ‘Twin Peaks’ after season three blew our minds

Of the images from the original run of Twin Peaks that David Lynch and Mark Frost incorporated into the just-concluded third season, the most telling wasn’t Laura Palmer correctly predicting that she and Agent Cooper would meet again in a quarter-century, or David Bowie’s Agent Jeffries warning about “Judy.” It was a brief shot, seen from […]

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