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Friday Five: Velvet Negroni, 26 BATS!, and more new Minnesota music videos

Velvet Negroni, “Spiceworld” Jeremy Nutzman, aka Velvet Negroni, goes rollerskating in this crisp, black-and-white video. “Spiceworld” belongs to Velvet Negroni’s Dadaist debut, TCOD, available via Totally Gross National Product. 26 BATS!, “Edge of Life” University of Minnesota alum Lisa Persson took on video production, direction, and make-up for this 26 BATS! video, one of the band’s […]

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Friday Five: Corbin, Thomas Abban, and more new Minnesota music videos

Corbin, “Hunker Down” Directed by Braden Lee, Corbin‘s new video is grave — no pun intended — but it’s also a gorgeous accompaniment to his song “Hunker Down” from Mourn. For NPR, Andrew Flanagan writes, “With ‘Hunker Down,’ the forest is not only present, but central. Corbin is heading up north, to ‘where 61 touches the waterline,’ […]

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Friday Five: Love Sequence, Taylor J, and more new Minnesota music videos

Love Sequence, “Cigarette” Cheerless boys in dress shirts recline on the couch — until their TV screen shows them a whole new world (the Walker Art Center’s Sculpture Garden may look familiar to Twin Cities residents). Bobby Rethwisch (vocals, guitar, keys), Marcus Findley (bass/vocals), Grant Gabriel (drums), Nolan Sawyer Watts (guitar/keys/vocals) are Love Sequence, a […]

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Friday Five: Ace Da Animal, Maple & Beech, and more new Minnesota music videos

Ace Da Animal, “The Flow” Ace Da Animal emulates classic rap in “The Flow,” shot by Minnesota videographers M&A Production. After meeting legendary MC Rakim, he felt inspired to jump on this @BAYWATERMUSIC beat. Maple & Beech, “Wedding Season” Fun pop/rock group Maple & Beech perform their “ode to aging,” “Wedding Season,” live at Jazz Central Studios in Minneapolis. […]

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Friday Five: Sheila E., Fox & Coyote, and more new Minnesota music videos

 Sheila E., “Funky National Anthem: Message 2 America” “You think you can make a difference?” a villain asks Sheila E. in an interrogation room. “You’re just a dame.” In response, she telepathically turns on screens around the room, and soon, she’s leading a parade and her own rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” “Funky National Anthem” is […]

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Friday Five: Lulu’s Playground, Glitteratti, and more new Minnesota music videos

Lulu’s Playground, “Late For A Date” Lulu’s Playground are Adam Meckler (trumpet), Cory Grossman (cello), Steven Hobert (accordion), and Ben Abrahamson (guitar), and they know how to have fun. Recently, the quartet rode a four-person surrey around Como Park while playing “Late For A Date” from Shadow Voices.   Glitteratti, “Ask the Mrs.” A little public dancing never […]

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