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20 pioneering women in Minnesota music

Today is International Women’s Day, and the Current is in the midst of a 24-long celebration of influential women artists — find our full day of programming here. As we spend the day reflecting on the issues facing women around the world, it got me thinking about all the incredible, pioneering artists who have broken […]

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Remember when NSYNC played at the Metrodome in 2001?

Watching Justin Timberlake play the halftime show at Super Bowl LII tonight in Minneapolis, some of us will be reminiscing about seeing him perform in the exact same spot — back when it was home to the Metrodome instead of U.S. Bank Stadium, and back when he was still a member of NSYNC. The boy […]

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Jay’s Longhorn Bar opened 40 years ago today

Jay’s Longhorn Bar was only open for a few years in downtown Minneapolis, but during that time it became the center of a booming punk and independent rock scene. “It was a little bit like CBGB with Cheers mixed into it,” remembered regular Sharon Samuels. Not only did local legends like Hüsker Dü and Curtiss A and […]

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