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A brief history of Paisley Park’s Celebrations

When Prince lovers from around the world descend on Chanhassen next week to attend the four-day Celebration 2017, it will be at least the fourth time that such an event has been held at Paisley Park. Which may come as a surprise for those who were only passively following Prince’s career in his post-Warner Bros. […]

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50 Minnesota Songs for 50 Years

In honor of Minnesota Public Radio’s 50th anniversary, which was Sunday, January 22, the Current assembled a list of 50 Songs for 50 Years. Which got me thinking about how many important songs have come out of our state over these past five decades, from the commercially successful to the culturally significant. This list was […]

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Music History Spotlight: The Phones

Before graduating high school, Jeff Cerise and Brad Mattson had already traveled the country with their cover band. So when the duo arrived at Moorhead State University and met some like-minded musicians at orientation, it didn’t take long for them to trade in their textbooks for a life on the road. With bassist James Riley […]

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Searching for Lake Minnetonka and solid ground post-Prince

I was walking through Manhattan recently, making my way up 5th Avenue to check out all the Christmas displays like a typical Midwestern tourist, when I looked up and realized something odd: I was standing at the foot of the Empire State Building, an instantly recognizable spire that I had been eyeing for blocks. But […]

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Music History Spotlight: Blaze

Whether it was setting a drum set on fire or covering the Plasmatics, Blaze built a reputation for boldness throughout the Midwest. With fierce lead singer Wendy Engler, bassist Ralph Benicke, guitarist Nick Baca, keyboardist Mike Case and Matt Batchelor on drums, the band captivated audiences with a set infused with new wave and dark […]

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