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Music History Spotlight: Shangoya

With legendary bandleader Peter Nelson — who some call a local “godfather of calypso” — Shangoya gave the Twin Cities countless nights of dancing and paved the way for many Minnesota calypso and reggae bands. “There were no calypso bands in Iowa, none in South Dakota, maybe a couple in Wisconsin. But to have steel […]

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Music History Spotlight: The Lewis Connection

For years, “The Lewis Connection” remained a mostly forgotten record from the ‘70s. But a few years ago, record collectors began offering Pierre Lewis up to $1000 for his old band’s album — which credits Prince Rogers Nelson in the liner notes. “I wasn’t surprised. I always knew. Cause Prince being on that one song, […]

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Music History Spotlight: The Wahinis

In the true spirit of punk rock and girl power, Jill Krimmel taught herself guitar and founded Minneapolis pop-punkers The Wahinis after being told by a former boyfriend and bandmate that her days as a musician were over. “When we broke up, he said to me, ‘You’ll never be in another band because I wrote […]

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Music History Spotlight: Ardis Wells and the Rhythm Ranch Gals

Ardis Wells and the Rhythm Ranch Gals occupied Minneapolis nightclub The Flame on a nightly basis in the 1950’s and ‘60s.  Within the shifting lineup, longtime band members included Fern Dale, who previously performed with famed Minnesotan trio The Andrews Sisters, as well as Jan North and Patti Williams, who later performed as the North Sisters […]

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