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‘Dismembered & Unarmed’: All-star group of Minnesota musicians tackle body oppression and white supremacy on collaborative album

Resmaa Menakem, a licensed independent social worker and therapist, released his book My Grandmother’s Hands this past September. The book sought to tackles issues of racism and white supremacy from an unexpected, yet plausible place: how it affects the bodies of the oppressed and oppressors. My Grandmother’s Hands focuses specifically on how Black bodies and […]

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“We like to put things in boxes”: Kimbra on Prince’s spirit, vocals, and constant evolution

Kimbra gets Prince. Since buying Musicology in a New Zealand record store, she’s released three of her own shape-shifting albums, including today’s Primal Heart. But she’s never lost sight of principles she learned from Prince — especially evolution, duality, and joy. You know her from “Somebody That I Used To Know,” the song that sent her and Gotye to […]

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